Beef Tripe / Flaczki Starowiejskie $6.75
Beef tripe simmered in a rich broth with vegetables and spices

Red Beet Soup / Barszcz Rubinowy $5.95
Served with mushroom and cabbage croquette or meat dumplings

Chicken Soup / Zlocisty Rosolek $3.25
Served with homemade noodles

Soup of the Day / Zupa Dnia $3.25 – $4.75

Belvedere Salad $5.75
Greens, locally grown tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers & onions

Greek Salad / Salatka Grecka $6.75
Greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, onlon, olives and feta cheese

Caprese Salad / Salatka Caprese $5.75
Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese & basil leaves

Hot Sandwiches / Zapiekanka $9.75
Open face sandwich with mushroom, ham, and cheese

Tuna Tatare / Tartare Tunczyka* $13.75
Tower of ahi tuna, chopped avocado, tomatoes and onion

Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon $12.75
Our famous pancakes with a kick with fraiche and smoked salmon

Potato Pancakes with Mushroom Sauce $10.75
Our potato pancakes served with a savory mushroom sauce

Potato Pancakes / Placki Ziemniaczane $9.75
Our secret recipe for delicious pancakes served with applesauce and sour cream

Apple Pancakes / Racuchy Jablkowe $9.75
Four delicious apple pancakes served with sugar

Small Belvedere Platter / Maly Talerz Belveder $9.75
Please choose 3 different items: 1 stuffed cabbage | 1 Grilled or Boiled Kielbasa | 2 Pierogies | 1 Potato pancake or Hunter’s Stew

Sweet Belvedere Platter / Slodki Talerz Belvedere $9.75
Farmer’s Cheese Blintz, Apple or Potato Pancake and 2 Sweet Pierogies

Pierogi $9.75
Meat | Mushroom & Cabbage| Potato & Bacon | Potato & Cheese | Boiled or Fried | Blueberries or Sweet Cheese: $1 extra

Potato Gnochi / Kopytka $9.75
Served with Mushroom Sauce

Fried Cheese / Oscypek $5.75
Breaded and fried, served with cranberry sauce

Herring / Sledzie $5.75
Cooked in oil & onion with sour cream on the side

Old Style Laird / Smalec $4.75
Polish delicacy based on our own secret recipe, served with pickle and bread

Cabbage & Mushrooms / Z Kapusta I Grzybami $10.75
Served with Mushroom Sauce

Chicken & Brie / Z Kura I Serem Brie $10.75
Chicken and brie cheese wrapped in crepes, served with field greens

Gyros $10.75
Chicken and onion wrapped in a crepe, served with field greens

Farmer Cheese/Z Serem Farmerskim $9.75
Two delicious crepes with farmer cheese, whipped cream and seasonal fruits

Mascarpone Cheese $9.75
Two delicious crepes with mascarpone cheese, whipped cream and seasonal fruits

Nutella $8.75
Two delicious crepes with Nutella, whipped cream and seasonal fruits

Belvedere Platter / Talerz Belverderu $15.75
Large plate of our famous food: stuffed cabbage, grilled or boi led kielbasa, 2 pancakes, 2 pierogi and hunter’s stew

Belvedere Old Country Platter / Deska Husarska $18.75
Large plate of our famous food: blood sausage, kielbasa, pork shoulder, hunter stew, pickle and potatoes

Hungarian Goulash / Placek Po Wegiersku $14.75
Huge potato pancake with beef goulash

Filet Mignon $24.75
Served with potato puree and veggie

Pork Tenderloin / Medaliony Wieprzowe $15.75
Breaded and pan fried served with sautéed mushrooms, potato puree

Pork Knuckle / Gononka $14.75
Baked in beer served with potato puree, pickle, horseradish and mustard

Pork Chop / Tradycyjne Schabowe $12.75
Breaded and pan fried served with potato puree

Stuffed Cabbage / Goalabki $12.75
Served with potato puree

Grilled Kielbasa / Kielbasa Grillowana $9.75
Two grilled kielbasa served with onion and potato puree

Chicken Tender Cutlets / Kotleciki Z Piersi Kury $12.75
Breaded and pan fried served with potato

Chicken Liver / Watrobka Drobiowa $9.75
Onion and potato puree

Vienna Schnitzel / Scyncel Po Wiedenensku $14.75
Veal cutlet breaded and pan fried served with egg and potato puree

Salmon / Losos $14.75
Grilled, served with potato puree

Whitefish / Biala Ryba $12.75
Breaded and pan fried and served with potato puree

Sauteed Mushrooms with Scallion $3.75

Steamed Veggies $2.75

Cold Veggie Sample / Zestaw surowek $2.75

French Fries $2.50

*Rare – very red, cool center | medium rare – red, warm center | medium –
pink center | medium well – slightly pink | well – cooked through
*Warning: consumption of undercooked meat, poultry, eggs or seafood may increase the sirk of foodborne illnesses. Alert your server if you have any special dietary requirements.
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